Friday, June 14, 2013

Lauren: 5 Months

The biggest news is that you started eating some solids! We started you out with some organic peas. Mommy is eventually going to make your baby food but we wanted to give it a shot, the peas were on sale and Daddy got a discount on them through work so we bought some.

You did really well! I think you actually liked them despite the faces that you made a couple times. Daddy fed you while Mommy clicked away, taking tons of pictures! I took over 100 pictures! Obviously, they all didn't turn out, so we ended up with about 30 good pictures. I can't believe you're such a big girl already.  I love that you're getting more active and are more interactive with us.

Here is a video that I took after your pea adventure, you were happily playing in your high chair. Mommy found the bow for your hair when she was cleaning up and thought it was too cute to not wear.

We're having to put away more and more of your 3 month clothes. You have a couple of newborn size onesies that you're still wearing but their days are numbered! You're wearing a combination of 3 month and 3-6 month tops and 6 month bottoms.

I love checking out garage sales for your clothes because you're growing so fast! The weather has been unseasonably cool lately so we haven't had you in any of your cute Summer outfits yet.  I hope we'll get some use out of them.

You're still fighting your sleep. I am so surprised that you do this. I thought for sure that babies just fell asleep when they were tired. Not you. You always want to check everything out and even when your eyelids get heavy and you might even nod off for a minute, you quickly open your eyes as if you're saying, "nope, not me. I'm not tired."

You slept in your crib for the first time the night of June 5th. Before that, you only would nap occasionally in it or maybe sleep in it for an hour or two at night. I don't know if it was because it was unfamiliar to you or what. I know it sounds silly, but we took the sheet off of your crib mattress and we washed it and then Mommy & Daddy slept with it one night (we took turns cuddling it as we slept) so that we would get our scent on it. Ever since we did that, you've been fine in your crib when we lay you in there. I don't know if that was the trick or what, but it has worked! The first night you slept in there, I wanted to go sleep on your floor next to your crib. I missed you being in the pack and play in our bedroom. Thankfully, your bedroom is right next to ours so I know you're not far away. You look like such a big girl in your crib, but you also look so small in it!

When we go grocery shopping, you love if we give you something to hold on to. Especially if it makes noise like this bag of carrots. You played and played with this bag of carrots, keeping you entertained for our whole shopping trip! The poor bag of carrots was pretty beat up when we checked out but that's ok. You had fun and were occupied so it was worth it! 

Grandma gave you this gloworm for Christmas when you were still in Mommy's tummy. You love it. When you're laying down, you'll grab it and nuzzle it right next to your cheek. When I check on you, sometimes I'll find the gloworm snuggled right in to you and I know that you used it to comfort yourself. 

You were fighting your nap hardcore one day. I finally picked you up, let you snuggle into me and you were out. See how you're sitting on my arm? :) Whatever it takes! 

You really love to be outside! You go from crabby girl to happy girl if we take you outside during a fussy time. There have been a few times that you've hung out with Daddy while he grills outside and Mommy finishes the meal inside. You love it! 
We love you Baby Girl! 

Mommy & Daddy


  1. oh my goodness, i stumbled across your page and your daughter is absolutely precious :) so sweet! ps - hello from minneapolis!

  2. that hair!! i love it. both of my kids were bald a cue balls until they were almost 2, so i love seeing babies with so much hair! what a doll!! found your blog via the mn blogger site! so excited to see so many great mn blogs!