Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Our Hospital Stay

I gave birth at Ridgeview Medical Center in Waconia. I always knew that I wanted to give birth there.  I've heard many, many great things about their labor and delivery ward.

We received a tour of labor and delivery when we took our birth class in December. It was beautiful.  They remodeled it a few years ago, around 2009 or so.  The rooms are spacious and up to date with large TVs, surround sounds, ipod jacks, etc.

On Tuesday evening, when we had a room full of visitors, I started to not feel well. I had the chills and felt like my teeth were literally chattering.  Turns out I had a fever of 100+. The Nurse that I had was so great.  She took my temp, called the on-call doctor and did everything she could to try and help figure out what was going on.  The on-call doctor came in and he was confused as to where my fever was originating from.  My incision looked great, my IV sites weren't infected, I wasn't having any pain or other discomfort (other than the chills). They took a urine sample, they swabbed me for the flu and everything came back ok. I honestly think that my body was just very, very tired from the previous day's events. They ended up putting me on an antibiotic and my fever eventually went away and didn't return.

I think it was on Wednesday morning that the Pediatrician doing rounds said that Lauren had jaundice and needed to be on the bilirubin bed. He really scared us when he was telling us about jaundice.  The scariest thing was that he said if it went untreated (which it wouldn't) it would basically form as "sludge on her brain" and could cause mental retardation.  Talk about scaring the crap out of new parents!  Luckily, her jaundic was caught in time and she got her special bili bed.  She eventually needed an additional light because her numbers weren't going down as they had liked.  I also had to start pumping my milk and supplementing her with it, in addition to nursing.

Side note: See the red bandaid on her right foot? They had to draw her blood to check her bilirubin levels which indicate her jaundice levels. They didn't typically draw her blood in our room but the lab tech asked if she could draw it in our room and we didn't see why not so we said yes. Worst.decision.ever. I didn't realize how long it took the tech to get what she needed but poor Lauren screamed and screamed and screamed and screamed and neither Matt or I could do anything about it. The tech poked her but then had to kind of squeeze her heel to get the drops of blood out. Poor Baby.  It was agonizing.  I still wasn't up and moving around very well at this point so we couldn't even step out of the room.  From then on, we decided to have them draw her labs in the nursery. 

When she started with the overhead light, she had to wear the little sunglasses to protect her eyes. We called her "Baby Batman" when she was wearing them. 

This was especially hard because if she wasn't eating, she needed to stay in the bed. This meant we didn't get to snuggle with her as much. When we had visitors, she could only be held for short time periods because she needed to be in the bed.  We felt so sad for our little Batman. We knew she needed it, she knew no different and was probably sleeping. 

So, with my fever + Lauren's jaundice, my Doctor and the Pediatrician decided that we should both stay an extra day. We were in the Hospital until Friday. 4 Nights, 5 days.  By Thursday morning both Matt and I were ready to be home. I was sick of people coming into the room every hour or so. In addition to my Nurses and Doctors, there were people that popped in to change my bedding, take my meal trays, clean the room, draw my labs and a couple ladies who came to talk about ECFE classes with us. It seemed like every time I wanted to take a quick nap, I would just get comfortable and someone would be in and need something. 

We discharged on Friday, January 18th. It was so nice to get outside! It wasn't bitterly cold, but it was a chilly, bright, sunny day. 

Grandma and Daddy getting me dressed to go home 

Ready to go home! 

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  1. So glad you are posting! I can't wait to hear how things have been going!