Thursday, February 6, 2014

Lauren: What you're like at 12 months

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the cuddly baby stage.  I loved snuggling up to you in our bed at night when you just didn't want to sleep in your own bed.  I loved laying on the couch trying to catch up on rest while I bounced you in your bouncy seat.

But, man.  I really love the stage you're in now. You're curious, demanding, hilarious, silly and your personality is really starting to show.  When you want something, you sure let us know. There is no doubting that your squeals, grunts and furiously pointing finger mean that you want whatever you're pointing at.

You love to dance when you hear music. The other day, we were strolling through Target and in their electronic department, a music video was playing and you started dancing away!

You love your puppy.  Daddy bought you that and ever since, that puppy has been your little buddy.  You sleep with it and sometimes when you wake up, you'll bring puppy out of the crib with you. In Honor of a chocolate lab that Daddy had when he was younger, we named your puppy Sassy. We always call it "puppy" though.

As curious as you are about the vacuum, it scares the living daylights out of you.  You'll go crawling, fast as you can, away from it whenever it turns on.  You don't cry, you just keep your distance from it!

You're still not too picky about your food choices.  Thank you! The things you aren't fond of are hot dogs (this could be from our Flu of 2014 incident though), rice and green beans.  One night I made squash soup and kept out some squash so I could cube it for you.  You didn't want anything to do with the cubes of squash but you loved that I shared some of my soup with you. We're making the transition to whole milk and at first you didn't want anything to do with it.  However, you're starting to come around and we're pretty much 100% whole milk. We do have some formula to finish up so we'll give you a formula bottle every now and then just so we don't waste it. I will be glad to be done paying for formula. Oofta.

You have NO fear when it comes to the stairs. We have 16 stairs going from our main level to our upstairs.  You'll crawl them all without any hesitation.

You're still not walking on your own, but that's ok.  I know it's over for us as soon as you know how to walk. You pull up on everything and walk along the furniture but you're just not confident enough, yet, to take the plunge by yourself.

You have your two bottom teeth that are completely through. One of your top teeth are close and the other is starting to poke it's little self through.

Your hair is still as crazy as ever.  You never lost any of your baby hair and it's just been getting longer and longer since birth. I have to put it up for you every day otherwise it's all crazy in your face, it gets in your mouth etc.  You've also discovered that pulling out your ponytails or clips is just as fun as when Mommy puts them in.  I usually have to redo your hair about half a dozen times a day.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Day In the Life {1/23/2014}

We didn't have to babysit this morning so we got to sleep in! Lauren went to bed last night around 7:30pm and woke up at 8:00am.  I'm surprised at how 8am is sleeping in for me these days. If you would've asked me two years ago, 8am was early! :)

8:00am- Lauren woke up.  She always wakes up with a stinky diaper so we get her changed and dressed.  Confession: when we babysit, I usually keep her in her PJs all day.  Oops. She has so many cute outfits, I need to get her dressed more often!

8:30am- Lauren is starving! I put her down to make a bottle and she cries the whole time :( We are introducing more and more solids and trying to wean off the bottle but since she is so starved I make her a bottle.

9:30am- I make myself some breakfast so I put her in her highchair and give her a piece of buttered whole wheat toast and half of a banana, sliced up.  This girl goes bananas for bananas! She eats almost all of the toast and all of the banana slices I gave her.

10am-   She plays, gets into the garbage bag stash in our pantry, has another messy diaper, gets into the pile of stuff I have on the stairs {you know, stuff that needs to go upstairs to various rooms but you're too lazy at that moment to bring it up so it just piles up .... oh, just me? ok then ... } I let her play independently because I was chatting with a potential recruit for my South Hill Designs business.  I obviously supervised her, but I also let her make a mess ;)  I can clean it up when she naps!

10:50am- I can tell she's getting tired so I bring her upstairs, kiss her and lay her down.  She is not happy about that! I'm really trying to wean off bottles so I don't give her a bottle {our typical nap routine is a bottle then nap}. Her needs are met and she stops crying within about 5 minutes.  I hate hearing her cry but I know that she's ok (I sneakily check on her too).

11:15am-I need to get the dishes done, kitchen cleaned up and all that stuff that's supposed to go upstairs, upstairs! 

12:30pm- Lauren wakes up. She has been taking pretty good naps lately.  When she was a newborn, she barely napped so now that she's older, an hour and 15 minutes is golden! 

1:0pm- We eat lunch. We need to go grocery shopping so I just make us each a miscellaneous plate.  This looks like I'm giving her an enormous amount of food but it's on a small, toddler plate. She had some turkey lunch meat, carrots, black beans and macaroni & cheese. 

She gets mad that I won't give her the plate to play with.  I don't because I know exactly what's going to happen with it ... 
Yep, I knew it.  At least she keeps it contained to her highchair and it doesn't go flying everywhere.
This is all that's left of her lunch plate.  As you can tell, she looooves macaroni & cheese and turkey.  She usually does pretty well with vegetables.

1:30pm- we continue to play.  I bring the dishes and her tray to the kitchen and just leave it there for now.  I'll clean it up later. 

2:30pm-4pm Lauren takes another nap.  Sometimes she misses her afternoon nap because of how her morning nap goes. Today's morning nap was fairly early so that helps me get her down for an afternoon nap. 

4:30pm- DADDY IS HOME!!! She gets so excited when Daddy gets home. She hears him come in from the garage and she crawls like a little maniac to get over to him. He can barely get his coat off before she's begging for him to pick her up.  You'd think she hadn't seen him in months! 

5:30pm- we eat dinner. {I am finishing this a few days late so I don't even remember what we had.} We usually take turns cleaning up the dishes/dinner mess and doing bath/bed duty. 

6:30pm-Lauren takes a bath. She is a water baby, for sure! For her Birthday present, we're going to buy her a kiddie pool for the Summer.  I just know she's going to love it.

7:00pm-This is about the time we're in her room rocking her with a bottle laying her down. 

7:30pm(ish)- Lauren is usually sleeping and whoever rocked her is now downstairs. We clean up, watch a little TV and get ourselves ready for bed.
10:00pm-We always shut her door while we're awake downstairs so that it doesn't wake her if we're doing dishes or vacuuming or something. When we go up to bed, I always open her door and check on her.  I love watching a sleeping baby.  I always cover her up if I can.  Sometimes, she is laying ON her blanket and I'm not about to wake her because she's obviously comfortable.  As I head out of her room, I always give her a kiss on the cheek and blow her a kiss.  Goodnight, sweetheart.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Um, whoops.

Last I left off, I had a 5 month old.

I have an almost 1yr old now!  Where has time gone?  Want to see your life move on warp speed? Have a child! No kidding.  Sheesh.

I love seeing her grow and learn.  She's becoming more and more her own person. Her own thoughts and ideas, her own mood swings, her own likes and dislikes.

My goal for the New Year is to blog more-at least twice a week! Let's hope I can stick with it.  I have a few blog post ideas in my head, so hopefully that'll give me the momentum to keep it going.

.....stay tuned!......

Friday, June 14, 2013

Lauren: 5 Months

The biggest news is that you started eating some solids! We started you out with some organic peas. Mommy is eventually going to make your baby food but we wanted to give it a shot, the peas were on sale and Daddy got a discount on them through work so we bought some.

You did really well! I think you actually liked them despite the faces that you made a couple times. Daddy fed you while Mommy clicked away, taking tons of pictures! I took over 100 pictures! Obviously, they all didn't turn out, so we ended up with about 30 good pictures. I can't believe you're such a big girl already.  I love that you're getting more active and are more interactive with us.

Here is a video that I took after your pea adventure, you were happily playing in your high chair. Mommy found the bow for your hair when she was cleaning up and thought it was too cute to not wear.

We're having to put away more and more of your 3 month clothes. You have a couple of newborn size onesies that you're still wearing but their days are numbered! You're wearing a combination of 3 month and 3-6 month tops and 6 month bottoms.

I love checking out garage sales for your clothes because you're growing so fast! The weather has been unseasonably cool lately so we haven't had you in any of your cute Summer outfits yet.  I hope we'll get some use out of them.

You're still fighting your sleep. I am so surprised that you do this. I thought for sure that babies just fell asleep when they were tired. Not you. You always want to check everything out and even when your eyelids get heavy and you might even nod off for a minute, you quickly open your eyes as if you're saying, "nope, not me. I'm not tired."

You slept in your crib for the first time the night of June 5th. Before that, you only would nap occasionally in it or maybe sleep in it for an hour or two at night. I don't know if it was because it was unfamiliar to you or what. I know it sounds silly, but we took the sheet off of your crib mattress and we washed it and then Mommy & Daddy slept with it one night (we took turns cuddling it as we slept) so that we would get our scent on it. Ever since we did that, you've been fine in your crib when we lay you in there. I don't know if that was the trick or what, but it has worked! The first night you slept in there, I wanted to go sleep on your floor next to your crib. I missed you being in the pack and play in our bedroom. Thankfully, your bedroom is right next to ours so I know you're not far away. You look like such a big girl in your crib, but you also look so small in it!

When we go grocery shopping, you love if we give you something to hold on to. Especially if it makes noise like this bag of carrots. You played and played with this bag of carrots, keeping you entertained for our whole shopping trip! The poor bag of carrots was pretty beat up when we checked out but that's ok. You had fun and were occupied so it was worth it! 

Grandma gave you this gloworm for Christmas when you were still in Mommy's tummy. You love it. When you're laying down, you'll grab it and nuzzle it right next to your cheek. When I check on you, sometimes I'll find the gloworm snuggled right in to you and I know that you used it to comfort yourself. 

You were fighting your nap hardcore one day. I finally picked you up, let you snuggle into me and you were out. See how you're sitting on my arm? :) Whatever it takes! 

You really love to be outside! You go from crabby girl to happy girl if we take you outside during a fussy time. There have been a few times that you've hung out with Daddy while he grills outside and Mommy finishes the meal inside. You love it! 
We love you Baby Girl! 

Mommy & Daddy

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Lauren: 3 Months

On your three month Birthday, Grandma & Grandpa came to visit! You played on the floor with Grandma and wore Grandpa's hat. 

They brought you some outfits and some socks! You've even started to do more and more tummy time. Admittedly, we've not done it as much as we should because you've hated it so you've never done more than 3-5 minutes at a time. On this particular day, you did tummy time with your Boppy for about 15-20 minutes. You kept using your feet to scoot yourself down into the pillow so I had to keep readjusting you. 

Milestones to note:
-You've started laughing. It's not super consistent, but it's hilarious when you do it! 
-We think you've started teething. So far, it's not been fun. We can tell that your poor little mouth hurts and there isn't a whole lot we can do about it. 
- You're such a happy Girl. Unless you're hungry or tired, you're usually happily talking and squealing. :) 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Our Hospital Stay

I gave birth at Ridgeview Medical Center in Waconia. I always knew that I wanted to give birth there.  I've heard many, many great things about their labor and delivery ward.

We received a tour of labor and delivery when we took our birth class in December. It was beautiful.  They remodeled it a few years ago, around 2009 or so.  The rooms are spacious and up to date with large TVs, surround sounds, ipod jacks, etc.

On Tuesday evening, when we had a room full of visitors, I started to not feel well. I had the chills and felt like my teeth were literally chattering.  Turns out I had a fever of 100+. The Nurse that I had was so great.  She took my temp, called the on-call doctor and did everything she could to try and help figure out what was going on.  The on-call doctor came in and he was confused as to where my fever was originating from.  My incision looked great, my IV sites weren't infected, I wasn't having any pain or other discomfort (other than the chills). They took a urine sample, they swabbed me for the flu and everything came back ok. I honestly think that my body was just very, very tired from the previous day's events. They ended up putting me on an antibiotic and my fever eventually went away and didn't return.

I think it was on Wednesday morning that the Pediatrician doing rounds said that Lauren had jaundice and needed to be on the bilirubin bed. He really scared us when he was telling us about jaundice.  The scariest thing was that he said if it went untreated (which it wouldn't) it would basically form as "sludge on her brain" and could cause mental retardation.  Talk about scaring the crap out of new parents!  Luckily, her jaundic was caught in time and she got her special bili bed.  She eventually needed an additional light because her numbers weren't going down as they had liked.  I also had to start pumping my milk and supplementing her with it, in addition to nursing.

Side note: See the red bandaid on her right foot? They had to draw her blood to check her bilirubin levels which indicate her jaundice levels. They didn't typically draw her blood in our room but the lab tech asked if she could draw it in our room and we didn't see why not so we said yes. Worst.decision.ever. I didn't realize how long it took the tech to get what she needed but poor Lauren screamed and screamed and screamed and screamed and neither Matt or I could do anything about it. The tech poked her but then had to kind of squeeze her heel to get the drops of blood out. Poor Baby.  It was agonizing.  I still wasn't up and moving around very well at this point so we couldn't even step out of the room.  From then on, we decided to have them draw her labs in the nursery. 

When she started with the overhead light, she had to wear the little sunglasses to protect her eyes. We called her "Baby Batman" when she was wearing them. 

This was especially hard because if she wasn't eating, she needed to stay in the bed. This meant we didn't get to snuggle with her as much. When we had visitors, she could only be held for short time periods because she needed to be in the bed.  We felt so sad for our little Batman. We knew she needed it, she knew no different and was probably sleeping. 

So, with my fever + Lauren's jaundice, my Doctor and the Pediatrician decided that we should both stay an extra day. We were in the Hospital until Friday. 4 Nights, 5 days.  By Thursday morning both Matt and I were ready to be home. I was sick of people coming into the room every hour or so. In addition to my Nurses and Doctors, there were people that popped in to change my bedding, take my meal trays, clean the room, draw my labs and a couple ladies who came to talk about ECFE classes with us. It seemed like every time I wanted to take a quick nap, I would just get comfortable and someone would be in and need something. 

We discharged on Friday, January 18th. It was so nice to get outside! It wasn't bitterly cold, but it was a chilly, bright, sunny day. 

Grandma and Daddy getting me dressed to go home 

Ready to go home! 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lauren: 2 Months

You had an oral vaccine for rotovirus, and then three shots which equaled 6 different vaccines.  You did really well with your shots.  The worst part for me was when they had me hold your arms, they held your legs & gave you the shots. At soon as the needles hit your skin you flinched and then the tears were immediate. For both you & I. You calmed down fairly quickly but I couldn't help but be so sad for you.  You had no idea what was coming and BAM instant pain!